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Payday Loans for bad credit with KingLoans

Emergency expenses such as car repairs, dental bills or lost wallets don’t follow any sort of fixed schedule. While there is never a good time to have to spend extra money, often these probably pop up at the worst moment, when you’ve already spent all the money for the month and have to wait for payday to get the money to deal with the problem.

Well, there is a solution that can get you money today without the need for long queues or extensive background checks. You can get a payday loan from KingLoans, and get the cash you need right now!

At KingLoans, we don’t lend money. We contract with a huge network of reliable and reputable payday loan providers and take your application and give it the best of them. You will get the best payday loan possible, with the minimum of fuss and stress. A payday loan is a short-term cash solution that nearly everyone can take advantage of, regardless of your credit history or income level. As long as you have a job and meet a few other requirements, you can benefit from the help a payday loan can bring. It is the way for the average person to get financial help.

Using our quick and easy payday loan service to get some cash is as simple as taking five minutes to fill out our online application form. As opposed to other kinds of loans, we don’t need you to fill out 8 pages of forms. And our high-tech 256-bit RapidSSL encryption is some of the best anywhere on the internet, so you can take comfort in the fact that the entire process is protected by the best technology.

The whole process takes no more than an hour, can be done completely over the internet from the comfort and safety of your own home, and will cost you nothing at all! With all those reasons, it’s no wonder than KingLoans has quickly become one of the most-used destinations for

in the UK

How does a KingLoans payday loan work? 

Firstly, take a look around our website and take advantage of the guides and articles that help explain payday loans. You should also make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements for applying:

  • You must be eighteen
  • You must be a UK permanent resident or British citizen
  • You have to have a steady job
  • You have to have a bank account with direct deposit

Once you are confident that you know what you need to know and that you are eligible to apply, you can click on the application button and start the free process of getting a payday loan. Choose how much money you want to apply for, anywhere from £50 to £1000, and you’re ready to go.

Follow the instructions on the form, it won’t take you more than five minutes, and when finished your application is whisked off to be processed by our state-of-the-art automated software. In just a few minutes, we will find a qualified lender who can meet your needs and submit your application to them for approval. If they approve your application, then not long after you will receive an offer for a payday loan. If the offer is acceptable to you, all you have to do is confirm the loan, and the loan amount will be in your bank account the next day.

We have become one of the top payday lending sites because not only is our process as simple and fast as you see above, it is also provided to you for no cost whatsoever. So you can apply for a payday loans and get one without spending a single penny up-front. There is also no obligation to sign a loan if you don’t want to, making the process risk-free as well.

Finally, if you have used the services of KingLoans before to get a payday loan, the next time that you return will be even easier than you could imagine. You will not only have access to loans with cheaper fees and lower rates as a valued customer, but you can also take advantage of our pre-filled form, which means that you can apply in seconds. That is just one of the differences that KingLoans has from the competition.

What are the differences between KingLoans and other payday websites?

First, many other payday loan sites are run by lenders themselves who claim to offer competition, but just offer one product. KingLoans is not a lender at all, but a broker. That means that we have no interest or stake in seeing your loan fees obscenely high, instead we want to connect you to a payday loan with reasonable terms, as fast as possible. After all, our goal is not to gouge our customers, but to help them when they need help the most. We want you to get a payday loan that you’re happy with, because that’s how we make money, and make our customers happy.

The entire process is not only incredibly simple, but incredibly safe, secure, and most of all, confidential. You will never have to reveal the reasons for your loan, nor will you be subjected to the embarrassment that comes along with your friends, family, or boss knowing that you are short on cash. At KingLoans, we completely reject the traditional City bank loan process with its long forms and list of requirements. Our loans are available to practically anyone, and the loan process is intuitive, quick, and made easy for everyone to understand.

The most important difference is our cost. Other sites can cost up to £100, just to apply! We are free to apply with and free to use, and always will be.

We Keep your Loan and Information Private and Safe

We understand that when emergencies come up that cause you to run out of cash, it can be extremely stressful and embarrassing. We make sure that when you come to us for a payday loan, the entire process remains private between you and your lender, and we don’t even know what the terms of your loan are. There is no shame in needing a bit of help from time to time, and that is something that we can provide, without anyone else needing to know about it.

Many people might feel uncomfortable with revealing their personal information online, but at KingLoans, you can feel completely relaxed knowing that your information is protected by the highest levels of online security currently available, including 256-bit SSL certificates, and that your information is considered 100% and backed by a £10,000 guarantee.

Make Your Credit Rating Rise from the Ashes

Payday loans through KingLoans are given without credit checks, meaning that honest people who have past credit problems can get a payday loan just as easily as those with perfect credit. If you currently have poor credit, getting and repaying a payday loan on time is a great opportunity to show credit agencies and lenders that you are bank on the right track and can borrow responsibly. This will pay dividends in the future as you build you credit back to a high level, and get access to better rates and more money in the coming years. You can turn your credit around today with a payday loan, and rise from the ashes of your credit history like the mighty Phoenix.